What makes you review a fanfiction piece when you read it?

For me, it’s usually striking prose or spot-on characterization. Something that makes me go “wow!” Even if I like a story, if I’m not left somewhat breathless by it, I probably won’t review it. What about y’all?

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Stories so far:

Listed from newest to oldest.
  1. Laundry
    Although it surprised her at first, Rose has become somewhat accustomed to watching the Doctor do his laundry. However, that doesn’t make it any less sexy to her. In the moment of calm on the TARDIS, she considers her feelings for the Doctor and decides they can’t be put into words. Rated M for sex-you’ve been warned!
    Doctor Who - Rated: M 9th Doctor & Rose T. - Complete
  2. Worshipping Rose
    The Doctor and Rose share an intimate moment, and the Doctor reflects again on how much Rose means to him.
    Doctor Who - Rated: M - 10th Doctor & Rose T. - Complete
  3. Tension
    Rose needs a little bit of R&R between planets, but she is battling a tension that a nap cannot take away. Can the Doctor help her with her predicament? Unabashed PWP smut. Nine/Rose
    Doctor Who - Rated: M - 9th Doctor & Rose T. - Complete
  4. Broken Promise
    The Doctor promised he would never read his Companion’s mind, but when she’s acting funny one day, he breaks that promise. The consequences, though, are pleasant for all parties.
    Doctor Who - Rated: M 9th Doctor - Complete
  5. Powdered Donuts
    Mulder makes a trip to the snack machine and his choice has some unintended consequences. MSR, RST, PWP smut. This tries to focus on the more romantic aspects of their relationship, although through smut. Enjoy!
    X-Files - Rated: M D. Scully & F. Mulder
  6. A Much Needed Break
    Scully is finishing up a report for Skinner, but after staring at it for hours she needed a break. Mulder needs it too. MSR, oneshot, PWP smut. Enjoy!
    X-Files - Rated: M D. Scully & F. Mulder - Complete
  7. A Plate of Spaghetti and Half a Glass of Champagne
    Mulder gives Scully a ride to her apartment and she invites him up for dinner. But what will she find for dessert? MSR, RST, PWP smut. A “what might have happened off-camera” story after Season 7 “Millenium.” Hope you enjoy!
    X-Files - Rated: M D. Scully & F. Mulder - Complete
  8. Another Motel Night
    Mulder and Scully are spending yet another night in a motel. But will it end like the others? MSR, PWP smut, RST. Enjoy!
    X-Files - Rated: M D. Scully & F. Mulder - Complete

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That feeling when you upload a story and you wait on edge for the first reader, favorite, or review…

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Quick explanation of the self-explanatory username:

I use writing Fanfiction as a method of reducing stress and beating my Writer’s Block that interferes with my writing of original fiction. Fanfiction is fun and low-pressure for me, and it provides some instant gratification in that it can be short and posted to the internet to receive views in minutes. 

That, and when my writing self-esteem tanks I can always look at the favorites I’ve gotten and feel better. Thanks, sincerely, to the users of FF.net for pressing that button or leaving that review. Sometimes, you are all that keeps me writing. :)

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